Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Our Hockey Season!

On every Thursday Afternoon, the A hockey team go to Nunweek Park to play a 40 minute game of 6 aside. Our team is made out of year 7 and 8 girls. We have won all of our games. We also have 2 other teams, the B team and C team.

The A team has also been to the zones and we were so close to winning! We lost by one point to SMC. We came second which is a big improvement on last year and now we are going to the Canterburys! We are very excited.

I think we have done very well this year!

By Lilli

Robocup 2016

On Saturday the 20th of August, Robocup was held. We had three year eights competing in Junior Robocup Theater as a team called the Selwyn Mad Hatters, and also 1 year five and three year sixes in a team called the Selwyn Cinderella competing in the same competition.
Selwyn Mad Hatters Performing on Stage

Alice, Abi and Julia did Alice in Wonderland. We had three different robots. We had the Mad Hatter, Alice, and the Cheshire Cat all as robots. We had to create robots that moved around a 1.8 meter board. We had made a lot of different props including a LED light up bush with roses on it, a backdrop with a picture of the white rabbit on it, tress, roses
and much much more.
Some of the Mad Hatters Props

Mad Hatters Backdrop

Mad Hatters Bush Wiring
There were judges who we all had an interview with us before our performance, and then they watched our performance and marked us. We were marked down one point for every time we touched our robots. Then afterwards at the prize giving they awarded the prizes. We were really lucky to have the Selwyn Mad Hatters win 2nd place out of sixteen teams which was amazing. Unfortunately our Cinderella team did not place but they still did really well.

Selwyn Cinderella Performing

Participation Certificate
Mad Hatters After Being Awarded their Prize.

Mad Hatters Getting their Award

Food Tech At Selwyn House

This term we are doing food tech instead of performing arts. The two Year 8 classes rotate each week. In Week 1, 8PR does Food Tech, while we do SRL. In Week 2, we do Food Tech, while 8PR does SRL.
Here are some photos we took of 8PR making Apple Pie!

On the left, is Lydia and Meg mixing their bases. On the right, is our cooking teacher Mrs. Bierworth, showing us what to do.

We interviewed some students about what they liked about Food Tech.
Maddie S likes how good all the food tastes and how much fun it is to work with other people to make the yummy treats.
Orla and Niamh like how you can collaborate with others while you cook, to make the food taste even better, e.g getting over all of the challenges.

Do you do food tech at your school?

Monday, 22 August 2016

NZ Read Aloud.

Hello! This term we are a part of the NZ Read Aloud programme. NZ Read Aloud is where a couple schools around New Zealand are involved in reading a book together, and completing activities and sharing their thoughts on EdModo which is sort of like Facebook for schools.
This is the book that we are reading for
NZ Read Aloud 'The Ghosts of Tarawera'.
This time around we are reading 'The Ghosts of Tarawera'. This book follows the adventure of four kids, Becky, Anastasia, Joe, and Eddie. They have decided to go on holiday with their parents to Lake Rotomahana near Rotorua. During their time on holiday, the kids start to feel that something fishy is going on around the lake. Our class is really enjoying this book, what is your favourite book?

Selwyn House Netball I.S.S.A's

On the 29th of July, we had 4 teams representing our school at the I.S.S.A winter tournament.
The year 7-8 brown A team,  year 7-8 cream B team, year 5-6 red A team and the year 5-6 pink B team. 
Brown team and S.T.A.C A team

In the morning we all came early in our P.E. gear and lined up with our teams. We hopped on the bus and drove down to Hagley Park Netball Center. It was a chilly morning but we were all wrapped up in jackets and blankets.

The girls all competed against the other schools and we had some amazing results. The Brown team came 1st in their division and are now going to be competing in the Canterbury's. The Red team got 2nd and will be in Canterbury's too and the Pink team got 4th.

Brown Team

Do you play netball? If you do what position do you play?
Maths Week!

Last week Monday 15th - Friday 19th it was Maths Week at Selwyn House. Everyday two of the house groups lead math games in the atrium every morning before school.
Some of our fabulous girls playing some games!

As a girls school, we think it’s really important to promote this amazing subject. At Selwyn House, maths is such a fun and interesting subject, that can help us in so many ways!
Having Fun!

On Friday, we had a maths mufti day to finish off our awesome week! Every girl came dressed in mufti but with a maths accessory! At lunchtime, we gave the girls an opportunity to take part in a Maths QR code treasure hunt! Lots of the girls absolutely loved it! We would like to thank our lovely Year 7 teacher Miss Mckenzie for organising.
In the middle of an intense game! 

It was so cool to see all the girls having fun and celebrating maths!

Do you celebrate Maths Week at your school?